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Limited Edition: Millersburg Coffee x Wilton Benitez


***SOLD OUT***

Embark on a journey of exquisite taste with Millersburg Coffee Company’s latest Limited Edition roast curated by the visionary Wilton Benitez of Granja El Paraíso-92. A renowned global specialty coffee producer and trailblazer, Benitez brings a unique blend of expertise to the specialty coffee industry—combining an engineering background with an unwavering passion for innovation in coffee cultivation.

Enliven your palate with the distinct flavors of Chiroso beans nurtured under Benitez’s meticulous care amidst the lush landscapes of Cauca. Through cutting-edge techniques honed by years of Benitez’s professional experience, this crop underwent an anaerobic fermentation process that resulted in a rich infusion of ripe peach and aromatic spices.

Available only in 8 0z., whole bean or ground.

Each sip embodies Benitez’s commitment to excellence. Every bean—produced in soil free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers—reflects his dedication to preserving the natural purity and integrity of the specialty coffee experience.

Grind Style

None (Whole Bean), French Press (Coarse), Pour Over (Medium Grind), Coffee Maker (Auto Grind), Espresso (Fine)


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