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Limited Edition: Millersburg Coffee x Finca Los Pinos


Elevate your brew with Millersburg Coffee Company’s first-ever Limited Edition specialty coffee collaboration. Delve into the distinctive flavors of Caturra beans from producer Alejandro Franco Gómez of Finca Los Pinos in Tolima, Colombia.

This meticulously managed crop underwent a precisely calibrated two-week fermentation process, resulting in a delightfully complex flavor profile marked by rich chocolate undertones and notes of succulent fruit. Cultivated in soil free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers, this specialty coffee grown in the heart of the Andes underscores a dedicated commitment to unmatched, natural quality.

Available only in 3.6 oz., whole bean.

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Available only in 3.6 oz., whole bean.

More than just your average coffee, this new production from Millersburg Coffee Company and Finca Los Pinos offers a rare and exclusive flavor for a truly exceptional specialty coffee experience: a refreshing blend of boldness and brightness in every cup.

3.6 oz.

Grind Style

Whole Bean


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